Beth Cooper: Speaking at Family Attraction Expo

Beth Cooper

Creative Play Consultant  -  Timber Play

Using Play effectively to enhance your visitor experience

About Beth Cooper

Beth Cooper is a Creative Play Consultant and has been part of the Timberplay Team since 2011. With a background in Community Arts, and local Authority Play Space commissioning, Beth has had experience of play space delivery from a commissioner’s, user’s and provider’s perspective. She has a passion for the effective and quality delivery of spaces that support children’s play. Whilst recognising that quality play opportunities can improve the financial return for leisure attractions and destination play spaces, it is always the experience of the child and the benefits of quality play that drive her work.

Beth has a degree in Children and Playwork as well as a postgraduate diploma in Organisational Development and has worked as a lecturer in the faculty of Development and Society at Sheffield Hallam University.

An informative seminar which looks at how Farm Attractions can utilise play to harmonise with their offering, whether a Farm Attraction or a Glamping site (hills, mounds, mud etc) and how to create the right environment for play. The right kind of play can be a real draw for visitors, increasing dwell time, repeat visits and indeed secondary spend, and this seminar will give operators a good understanding of the best way to approach any investment in play.

What things should operators look out for when embarking on a play development and how can they assess the play value the site naturally holds and build this into the plans for play to create a unique space. Existing resources could be a real asset, for example, woodlands, meadows etc, and incorporating these into your designs not only helps create a more individual space, but also supports greater cost efficiency.

How to include varied play experiences to create a play space suitable for all children, with different physical and mental capabilities. What are the benefits of including more risky forms of play? Moreover, how can this risk be effectively assessed and managed. How have other providers effectively negotiated the inclusion of risk within their play spaces.

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