Transform your site with self-watering planters

We all know that appearances are important. One way of making your site look appealing to visitors is by creating stunning floral displays. Here, Patience Atkinson-Gregory of Amberol explains how you can create attractive grounds using their versatile self-watering planters.

Floral containers are a great way of bringing colour to your site. They offer flexibility, good conditions for growth and portability, making it easier to grow a wide variety of plants pretty much anywhere. Planters can be placed according to plant type and preference, in sunny or shady conditions. You can use whichever type of soil best suits your purposes and it’s also easier to reduce weeds and prevent damage from disease and garden pests in the controlled environment that containers provide.

However, there is a perception that planters can be difficult to maintain. The best way to overcome this is to invest in some sturdy self-watering planters.  This helps to ensure optimal growth and means that drainage is no longer an issue. Plants can’t get waterlogged due to Amberol’s capillary action matting system that facilitates the dispersal of water only when required by the plant. 

As Amberol’s self-watering technology means that containers need watering no more than once a week, even in hot, dry weather, you save time and money on maintenance – as well as conserving water.  

Top tips for creating successful floral displays using self-watering planters:

1. Get the groundwork right -  the ability to choose and vary the soil that you use is particularly helpful in an area with poor quality soil. Container gardening is all about maximising growing conditions and so using the right soil is crucial for optimal growth.  Most plants will grow in multipurpose compost, although perennials and shrubs prefer a loam-based compost which is heavier and offers increased stability.

2. Care and attention - while containers make it easy to grow a whole range of flowers, proper maintenance is still important to ensure maximum flowering. Regular deadheading of flowering plants will help them bloom for longer as all the nutrients and energy go into making flowers rather than producing seeds. Shrubs or climbing plants should be regularly pruned to maintain health and shape. Pruning also eliminates damaged and diseased parts of the plant. 

3. Feed me! - Container plants need additional nutrients and should be topped up with fertiliser. They can be fed by adding fertiliser to the soil, using a slow release fertiliser or by spraying leaves with doubly diluted solutions.

4. Size matters – Amberol’s self-watering planters come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. If aiming to create a dramatic floral impact, large floor-standing containers work well, whilst smaller containers such as barrier, hanging or up the pole baskets placed at differing height levels can create an interesting visual impact. Tiered planters create a cascading fountain of flowers for a stunning showpiece display.

5. The power of colour - you can make an instant impact by using coloured self-watering planters. At Amberol we can customise almost any of our containers in a range of colours from sky blue to orange to cherry red - instantly adding colour to any display. 

So, don’t underestimate flower power at your site!

Amberol’s self-watering containers also come in a huge variety of shapes, styles, sizes and colours so you can really use your imagination. Our range of self-watering planters, which are all made from durable recyclable polyethylene, includes:

• Wood effect barrels and half barrels in different sizes,  modelled on authentic hogshead barrels to look just like the real thing

• Stone effect troughs, perfect to bring a touch of class to a display and weighing a fraction of real stone troughs 

• Tiered fountain and beehive planters to create cascades of flowers

• Wicker effect hanging baskets which need watering only once a week, solving the issue of the high maintenance hanging basket 

• Up the pole baskets to create differing heights in your displays    

Which one will you choose?


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