A 360 venue for your visitor attraction

Virtual worlds are growing in popularity, both for entertainment and education. Yet such exhilarating experiences need not be confined to the solitude of a VR headset. Immersive VR content is easily converted and projected onto a digital dome, as the two formats are essentially the same ie. 360° or ‘fulldome’ imagery. 

"Some day in the not too distant future you'll be able to go to a movie and the movie will be all around you. The movie will be over your head, it will be 360 degrees around you" - Steven Spielberg, TIME Magazine, 2006 

With the invention of spherical mirror projection, the cost of 360 Venue technology has dropped dramatically in recent years. An expensive fisheye lens projector at the centre of the dome is no longer necessary and neither are complex multiple projector setups. Nowadays, a single off-the-shelf projector positioned at the back can very easily fill a large dome with light and colour.  

Come and see a 10,000 lumens projector plus spherical mirror doing just that in our geodesic dome located in Hall 11 at the Family Attraction Expo. 

Additionally, by being located at the back of the dome, spherical mirror projection frees up the best central viewing spaces for the audience. There are many more advantages to the affordable spherical mirror solution over expensive fisheye lens projection and you can read about them on our website.

Dome Club Ltd and its manufacturing partner Advanced Sensory Education (ASE) will be exhibiting a large 7m steel frame geodesic dome at the Family Attraction Expo. Duralumin (aluminium alloy) frame structures are also available, yet steel frame domes can withstand wind speeds of up to 35mph, meeting UK safety standards for outdoor attractions. 

ASE geodesic domes are durable, weatherproof and of course can double-up as very stylish marquees and event spaces. Branding can be easily added to the exterior.  

Nevertheless, you really don’t want to miss out the irresistible visitor pull of a 360 Venue screening dazzling immersive educational and entertainment content. 

“A dome is such a great shape to project a movie on. I think one day people will have domes in their homes. They’re magical” – David Lynch, The Art Newspaper, 2008 

The time has arrived. Multipurpose 360° cinemas and immersive video environments are now something every visitor attraction can afford. 

Reducing costs even more is the fact that all you need to buy from Dome Club Ltd is the dome and spherical mirror. We will recommend all other equipment specs (projector, laptop, audio system, etc) and you can source these yourself if you wish. 

You also needn’t worry about building your library of fulldome (360°) content.  

A large and growing catalogue of fulldome video is now available FREE courtesy of the British Fulldome Institute. In fact, all the spectacular 360° visuals you’ll see at the Family Attraction Expo will be free content distributed by the British Fulldome Institute. Even a handful of internationally-acclaimed full-length educational films are available free to UK 360 venues. 

Take full advantage of the current popularity of virtual reality with a 360 Venue of your own.  

Rest assured long after unused VR headsets begin collecting dust in people’s homes, your digital dome will continue screening highly popular shared immersive experiences. For example, this year for the first time Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bristol Planetariums began screening Dome Club’s Pink Floyd Fulldome Experience to sellout crowds. 

Together with content distribution, Dome Club Ltd has 10 years experience with portable and semi-permanent digital dome installations, with almost 50 customers in the UK alone. 

Come and see us at Stand 944 and /or in the dome in Hall 11 at the Family Attraction Expo. 

COMPANY NAME:  Dome Club Ltd
URL: www.domeclub.com
EMAIL: info@domeclub.com
PHONE: 0800 9551 360

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