Corporate Team Building

Effective team building strategies are key elements in building a successful business. Companies, small and large, are increasingly choosing unique outdoor opportunities to strengthen bonds and develop more effective teams. Recent metrics suggest impressive results from team building events in the eco-adventure industry. Aerial adventure tours, treetop trekking, zip lines and canopy tours are market leaders in creating high octane organizational opportunities. Supportive, coercion-free programs create organic relationships, inspire trust and confidence and reduce workforce stress levels.

Team Building is ...

·         Building trust and relationships
·         Improving communication skills
·         Promoting accountability
·         Utilizing peers as resources
·         Stimulating strategic outside the box thinking
·         Collaborative creativity
·         Encouraging positive risk-taking
·         Overcoming obstacles together
·         Realizing goals collectively


About Kanopeo GmbH

Over the past decade, Kanopeo GmbH has designed, engineered and manufactured a complete line of equipment and accessories to compliment both systems. From A to Z: Advice to Zip, Kanopeo is your one-stop solution when designing and building your ultimate aerial adventure park. 

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