Tork is a leading global brand in workplace hygiene. We`re passionate about helping you improve your business - from raising your bottom line, to making your working life better. This starts with understanding your business. Whether you need to keep washrooms ready for any number of visitors, provide a great restaurant experience, stay on top of hospital hygiene, or make every second count on the manufacturing floor, we know what details matter. That`s what drives us to develop world class hygiene products - so that you can be confident that you have hygiene covered in your workplace, every day.

At Tork, we provide clients with the right products to help enable their business to run smoothly. Everything starts with understanding what you do and the challenges you face. It is essential for attractions that your hygiene products not only work well, but also fit the image of the establishment and help build your brand. Facilities managers in busy venues are trusted to tackle demanding and unpredictable problems to make sure that hygiene, safety and cleanliness are always ensured.

Tork has a complete solution to meet all your cleaning and hygiene needs. Our product ranges provide solutions for washrooms as well as front and back of house catering. Every business has different needs and we can help you find a hygienic, cost-effective combination of products that`s just right for you. Let`s get ready for business.

Tork is a brand belonging to Essity, which is a leading global hygiene and health company with sales in approximately 150 countries and 48,000 employees worldwide.

Amusement and theme parks attract millions of visitors each year and the condition of facilities, including the washrooms, impacts the overall perception of the business. Extensive research states that 71% of guests at high-traffic venues have had a bad washroom experience.

That`s why Tork EasyCube, a facility cleaning software with connected devices, provides mobile access to real-time information about cleaning needs. This empowers cleaners to do what`s needed, when and where it`s needed, enabling staff to respond to complaints before they happen and take better care of the facility. This new logic to cleaning means that Tork EasyCube customers achieve significant improvements in customer satisfaction, double-digit efficiency gains and a revolutionary boost to staff engagement.

The improved efficiency enjoyed at Furuviken, a zoo and amusement park using Tork EasyCube is demonstrated in several hours of cleaning being saved. And at IKSU, a large sports complex in Sweden, cleaning productivity increased by 60%.

Tork EasyCube also has a direct impact on quality. Empty dispensers and untidy washrooms can be avoided and Gröna Lund, an amusement park using Tork EasyCube achieved an all time high on their customer satisfaction index regarding clean and fresh toilets with complaints eradicated after a few months of using Tork EasyCube.

Moreover, Tork EasyCube gives staff a more meaningful and dynamic role in improving the visitor experience. With insights from the system, managers can decide on improved planning and more efficient allocation of resources. Cleaners feel more in control and less stressed and managers spend less time overseeing cleaning while being more in control.

This makes Tork EasyCube a true break-through innovation, empowering facility staff to help make amusement and attraction parks a cleaner place that families can enjoy longer. Because after all, it`s likely that more people visit the washrooms than even the most popular attraction.


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