Pop Up Power Supplies®

Safe, secure power supply for outdoor spaces within leisure facilities

Pop Up Power Supplies® offer a range of innovative retractable service units, which provide a secure, reliable outdoor power supply for many leisure facilities. The `pop-up` nature of the units mean that when they are not in use they are simply retracted back into the ground, thus having a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Leisure facilities are increasingly looking to utilise their outdoor spaces more and more to provide a better service to their visiting customers. Leisure parks offer outside food stalls, tourist attractions (including many heritage sites) offer various stalls and outdoor entertainment, and glamping / camping sites offer various outdoor cooking and power facilities for guests. As a result, these leisure facilities require a safe, reliable outdoor power source that is effective and blends in with its local surroundings.

Pop Up Power Supplies® supply a range of innovative retractable service power units for outdoor areas, in the form of pop up units, in-ground / flip lid units and power bollards. The pop up and in-ground units are particularly popular for businesses and facilities within the leisure sector due to a number of factors, including their retractable nature so they can be raised or lowered easily for when they are needed; they provide a safe and silent source of electricity; and their lids can accommodate various paving and landscaping materials e.g. turf which means when they are lowered or closed, they blend in to the local environment providing seamless aesthetics.

Pop Up Power Supplies® have supplied their pop up power and in-ground units to many leisure facilities within the UK, including Dreamland in Margate, Hampton Court Palace, Woburn Abbey, Hastings Stade, The National Memorial Arboretum, Kingsbarns Golf Course and Chiswick House.

We work closely with developers, leisure park owners, caravan park owners, specifiers, architects, festival organisers, contractors and other industry professionals. We can provide technical data, product information, design ideas and more, and are able to advise on a suitable pop up power unit for your project.


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