Get Me Connected

Get Me Connected is dedicated to getting events connected to the Internet and WiFi, wherever they are.

As an event organiser you know that having a fast, reliable internet connection is vital. But without a lot of technical know-how, where do you start?

Leave it to Get Me Connected. We have the expertise, technology and experience to deliver fast, rock-solid internet regardless of the size or location of your event. Leaving you to get on with organising.

We pride ourselves on being able to get your event connected know matter how remote or challenging the location. And bear in mind that even established venues often lack the latest WiFi technology that can cope with the demands of modern events and their attendees.

So, whether it`s a business conference in a hotel where you need to guarantee that everyone can use their laptops, tablets and smart phones, or you`re organising a Mad Hatter`s Tea Party in the middle of a field and want everyone to upload their photos to Facebook and Twitter, we can get you connected.

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