Entrepreneurs Network

"Experience based education, training and coaching for business owners"
Entrepreneurs Network is here to help business owners soar to success.
We educate.
We teach.
We coach.
We support.
We mentor.
We advise.
We entertain.

James Sinclair set up his first business while he was still at school. Years later, that same business is now one of the largest entertainments businesses in the UK, with hundreds of staff and a multi-million pound turnover.

Having achieved success at a young age, James soon found himself in demand as a business speaker, with dozens of requests for help, support and advice from business owners, keen to understand how James had transformed himself from teenage party entertainer, into a hugely respected business owner.

In 2015, James published `The Millionaire Clown`, charting his life story. As well as the book, he had plans for an `Entrepreneurs Network` as a way to teach and support business owners.

Entrepreneurs Network really got started when James met Mark Creaser, a marketer with years of experience in building and managing similar businesses.

Between James, Mark and the EN team, there`s a whole load of experience that they bring to the table, and that`s before you add in every other members, because that`s what the Entrepreneurs Network is really all about...

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