Dome Club Ltd

Dome Club Ltd is the UK & Western Europe agent for two digital dome manufacturers: Advanced Sensory Education (ASE) and Discovery Dome International.

At this year`s Family Attraction Expo we are exhibiting a 7m steel-frame ASE geodesic dome. Such 'geodomes' can be used for immersive entertainment and / or simply as attractive event spaces anywhere from picturesque countrysides to bustling city centres.

The durable, weatherproof outer skin is available in a variety colours and can also be branded / decorated. The smooth inner projection screen maintains its shape by means of a vacuum created between the two layers.

Key features of ASE Geodesic Domes:
- Easy to assemble with the frame available either in steel or duralumin (aluminium alloy)
- Usable indoors or outdoors
- Available between 3m and 15m in diameter
- Automatic pressure regulator maintains optimal smoothness of the projection screen
- Fabric density of 300 g/m2 completely blocks out external light
- Fabric layers are durable, water resistant and fire resistant
- Specially designed Hipora® inner projection screen provides high quality contrast, colour accuracy and light uniformity.

Mario Di Maggio (owner and director) has 20 years experience with digital domes and planetariums. He launched and for eight years managed the UK`s first purpose-built digital planetarium (Thinktank Science Museum, Birmingham, 2005), as well as launched and for three years managed the UK`s most expensive planetarium (Glasgow Science Centre, 2001). Mario has also worked as consultant for the Macao Planetarium (China, 2004-2008) and the Peter Harrison Planetarium (London, 2005).

Dome Club Ltd specialises in:
- Inflatable & Geodesic Domes
- Spherical Mirror Projection
- Digital Dome Accessories
- Fulldome (360-degree) Software
- Fulldome (360-degree) Films
- Digital Dome Consulting

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